"Millerheights" is born of very close contact striked up with Taïga, our first Flatcoated Retriever bitch, brought back from Great-Britain in 1995.
Those elegant dogs, with long hair black and brilliant, were part of my childhood recollections, linked to holidays spent crossing England and Scotland.

Taïga immediately charmed the whole family, by her enthusiasm taking part in the children's games, and by her ceaseless attention for her masters.
Her education became therefrom easier : her eyes incessantly turned towards myself, she understood very quickly what was expected from her and her pleasure was to make me happy...I discovered the famous "WILL TO PLEASE" so characteristic of flatcoated.

Later I wished to participate with her to new activities, and I started at the UGC (United Gundog Club) the training to retrieve game animals and birds. I didn't know anything about it, but she knew everything : obstinate when searching for dummies as well as for game, her "coup de nez" and her attention in markings revealed to me all the extent of her instinct.

"A flat a day, a flat for ever"...I wished to keep the qualities and the exceptional character of Taïga, through a litter from which a bitch should stay with us. I have been lucky to meet Françoise Van Kelecom and her wide experience as breeder of flatcoated "Chapelvalley". She encouraged me immediately and so she learned me the births, taking care of puppies, the study of lines of descendants and the choice of reproductives.

Thousand times thank you, Françoise!

For the pups coming from my breeding, I'm firstly looking for parents with an easy and flexible character : they will become pleasant friends for any family (also owing to a good education!).
Both points of view -work qualities and beauty -linked to the standard are of course also not forgotten.

Concerned about giving to the puppies from their first age a good sociability, I want to keep a breeding with familial "amateur" size, our bitches dealing with the children both house and family life.


Taïga, Anouchka and Dragonfly
(may 2005)


Taïga died out last 25 october 2006, after eleven years of mutual love.
Her daughter Anouchka and her grand-daughter Dragonfly remind us each day of her goodness and her generosity.